August 13, 2005

The cell phone ring as practical joke.

"Instead of a catchy ditty or an electronic symphony, cell phone rings can now be programmed with a recording of a porn actor making sexual noises." And you just know the clown that would do that would also be bad about remembering to silence the ring. Hmmm.... and when it rings near a child, what should happen to you?


tommy said...

You can download one where said actress keeps repeating your name, I guess there might be some entertainment in having someone else's name downloaded for plausible deniability if you forget to silence it during a meeting.

or not.

Paul said...

They should have the phone inserted where the sun don't shine. see if that's cute.

Troy said...

Here it comes... Those phones are well rung.... and there it goes goes!


hat said...

I like that response Paul. "Something slightly offends my sensibilities? VIOLENCE!"