August 18, 2005

"The Apprentice: Martha Stewart."

This is probably far more than anyone needs to know about a show — that nobody really needs to watch. Am I going to watch? I'll test it out. (It starts September 21st.) I find Martha moderately fascinating, and it will be nice to see the female counterpart to Donald Trump. What will that look like? I will be interested in detecting the deep cultural meaning in how the translation to the female is accomplished.


chuck b. said...

I'm pro-Martha. We used some of her colors to paint our house. Shantung, Madder Root, and Yearling Peach are the names I remember. The colors look better on my walls than they do on my monitor.

I've never watched the Apprentice, but I'll check her show out.

Wave Maker said...

Trump is just so smarmy and phoney it's comical. "This is the absolute best boardroom ever..." Bwaaahahahahh what a (phenomenally successful) shyster.

Martha is just as much (or more) of a marketer, but for tv, I think she has more of a product to offer --so I'll be eagerly watching to see how they market her.

I am particularly interested in the fact that, according many who have worked for her (well prior to her incarcertion) she has such a huge reputation as a vicious, horrid boss -=- and so I am curious to see if this show will play off of that rep or attempt to recast her in a softer image.