August 26, 2005

Another Piano Man update.

From The Independent:
Andreas Grassl, 20, whose identity remained a mystery for four months after he was found on a beach in Sheerness, Kent, left his family in Bavaria last year because he feared revealing that he was gay.

His anguish was recounted yesterday by a former classmate as a picture began to emerge of the recent state of mind of Mr Grassl, who remains in hiding after returning to Germany at the weekend from a hospital in Dartford, where he was treated for an apparent nervous breakdown until he broke his silence on Friday....

"He was a good friend of mine. He had different interests and there was something a bit special about him. His parents didn't really understand him - I don't know if they thought he was gay. Neither his parents nor his two sisters really understood him. He spoke very little about his family. When he was identified it was a big shock, I didn't think he would do something like that. I didn't recognise him immediately [from the picture] because he had put on weight and his skin, which used to be spotty, had cleared up."


Eddie said...

What your readers probably don't know is that Bavaria is much like the Southern Regions of the US. Very conservative, and it also happens to be the southern Region of Germany

Menlo Bob said...

Yes of course, because Bavaria is in the southern region of Germany it shares a number of aspects common to other southern places. Its useful in understanding any number of social issues that sort themselves out like metal filings between magnetic forces. For instance, the South Pole is much more conservative than the North Pole.