August 9, 2005

The Amsterdam Notebooks—Page 9: "The Shirt Page."

It's Day 9 of this 35 day project. (The set thus far.) Today's page collects three drawings -- scattered about the original notebooks -- that are all about shirts.

Amsterdam Notebook.

Amsterdam Notebook.

Amsterdam Notebook.


Alice H said...

I think the shirt with the pissing horse is the album cover for a German industrial band named Einstuerzende Neubauten. (They have an album cover like that, Haus der Luge, but I don't know for sure that your t-shirt is supposed to be for that album)

Ann Althouse said...

Alice: Thanks, I think I could tell it was for some music thing, but couldn't quite figure it out. I think I saw a lot of posters for this too. I really got tired of that damned pissing horse.

Pastor_Jeff said...

Still, it's hard to argue with the intentional stupidity of shirt #1: "Hey! I'm wearing a shirt designed both to attract your attention and criticize you for noticing."

Paul said...

I agree with Pastor_Jeff about Shirt#1 BUT
I'm voting for #2, the horse-wetting shirt, a fore-runner of wet T-Shirt nights?
I think it is the height, maybe near the pinnacle, of Vulgar. Somethings should be done behind the barn door. I don't go to a farm to watch, I don't need to stand next to someone with an obvious fixation.
Chalk me up for Number Two.
I like the cats bag - what's Nu of nooit. It is a Halloween bag, isn't it....I'm Art shy now.

Pastor_Jeff said...


The woman with shirt #1 made me see an Edward Gorey quality (which I like) in your sketches of people. Is that intentional?