August 3, 2005

The Amsterdam Notebooks—Page 3.

Page 3, day 3 of the 35-day project, described here. The scene is Amsterdam, the year 1993. I'm traveling alone and drawing.

As it happened, I was reading "Walden," which heightened solitude, and made the garish painful.

Amsterdam Notebook

Amsterdam Notebook

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Matt Drachenberg said...

Great, I come to be showered in wisdom and leave traumatized by a gratuitous clown drawing.

price said...

Ann, have you considered publishing this? After only seeing 3 entries, I can already tell it's better than things I've had to write papers on. I'm serious... Flip the script and be a published artist who has an interest in law on the side!

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Price. I like your scary crying baby icon. I don't think there's much money in personal biographical comics.

Jah'ahn said...

Very creative, you keep a rich record--literary, visual--or your experiences. How much more interesting than just a few snapshops.

chuck b. said...

Very good indeed. I love art like this and take considerable interest in it. This is definitely tip jar worthy. :)

A comment: As your publication here gets longer, a link directly to the previous post would be better than scrolling down for it. To that end it might be (or might not be) interesting to publish pages in reverse chronological order so that by clicking backwards the reader goes forward. Anyhow, whatever.

I love it.

More art!

Dirty Harry said...

Your drawings are very appealing.

Do you do anything else like paint or sculpt? Film? Write fiction?

Quite the renaissance woman.

amba said...

Ann, you're such a good draw-er. With the same eye for the arresting or absurd detail (Zeep!) that distinguishes your blog.

(By the way, the other word in Dutch as funny as Zeep is Dood. It means "death.")

If you were coming up today, you might become a graphic novelist instead of a lawprof.

Do you know Augustine's Blog?

Has the digital camera, which can record the visuals of a moment with so much less painstaking and time-consuming, completely replaced your drawing habit? I hope not.

Ever tried doing an illustrated post, like a comic strip? Or thought about it?

Ann Althouse said...

Amba: Stay tuned, "dood" will come up!

And, remember, I went to art school. I did the failed artist thing before ever going to law school. I've done lots of drawing and painting throughout this period.

Chuck: Blogging does make things go in the opposite direction from books. It's sometimes disorienting, but it would be more disorienting to fight the blog direction on a blog. In the end, I'll have a set on Flickr with everything in order.

Elizabeth said...


Marjane Satrapi's "Persepolis" books, as of last year, had sold 450,000 copies worldwide, according to a July 11, 2004 NTY article. They could be described as personal biographical comics, or memoirs. There may be some bucks in this comics thing.