August 2, 2005

The Amsterdam Notebooks—Page 2.

This is the second day in a 35 day series. Go here for the first day and the explanation of these pages, which date back to 1993. Page 2 deals with the hotel room.

(Click here and here for enlargements.)

Amsterdam Notebook

Amsterdam Notebook


Brendan said...

Classic Seinfeld banter:

GEORGE: What is Holland?

JERRY: What do you mean, 'what is it?' It's a country right next to Belgium.

GEORGE: No, that's the Netherlands.

JERRY: Holland is the Netherlands.

GEORGE: Then who are the Dutch?

Paul said...

If you think I'm saying anything, you're crazy.

price said...

It's like Maus, only sadder! It actually reminds me of Lynda Barry's stuff, or a mellower American Splendor.

bill said...
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bill said...

Price: That's it! Lynda Barry! I knew Ann's drawings reminded me of something. Author of Ernie Pook’s Comeek and some books I haven’t read. I highly recommend The Lynda Barry Experience CD; well worth the $12 for “naked ladies naked ladies” and “Mike Beck.”

MJB Wolf said...

Well, I clicked on the image but when arriving at Flickr there is no "all sizes" button or word on which to click. Is there more I should know?

Ann Althouse said...

MJB: You're right. It seems to only work when I do it, going to my own page. Sorry for the confusion. I'll change it to an enlargement link.