August 16, 2005

The Amsterdam Notebooks—Page 16.

It's Day 16 of this 35 day project. (The set thus far.) Today, we learn something at the historical museum.

Amsterdam Notebook

(View large.)

Amsterdam Notebook

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Jack said...

These particular pages from your notebook are more amusing than the last three so-called "comedy movies" I've seen.


Paul said...

They didn't use it again?

Ann Althouse said...

Jack: Thanks.

Paul: Here's more info on what happened to it post-fire.

Joan said...

I'm struggling to reconcile these pages and the attitude therein with the offense you took at seeing a plastic crucifix lying on the trinket table at St. Vincent de Paul's. So, which is it? Respect religious symbols, or mock them? Wait, maybe we're just supposed to mock people who don't respect their own religious symbols? I'm confused.

I also note that the account of the miracle is much different at the link you provided in the comments than on your pages.

Ann Althouse said...

Joan: The notebooks are from 1993. I'm not completely consistent with myself from that long ago, but I'm not against making fun of religion! The photograph in question is finding amusement in the incongruities. I wasn't condemning the thrift shop so much as wondering about their lack of reverence. It is St. Vincent de Paul. In the case of the vomit miracle, I found it amusing! Don't you? As to the accuracy of the facts — I took my info from the walls of the Historical Museum. I have no idea what really happened in 1345, but I do regard it as a pretty strange thing to be considered an important miracle.

Pedro said...

Did you smoke any pot?

Ann Althouse said...

Pedro: We're up to page 16 out of 35. I'm not giving away the story!