August 14, 2005

The Amsterdam Notebooks—Page 14.

It's Day 14 of this 35 day project. (The set thus far.) Today, we contemplate death and religion.

Amsterdam Notebook

Amsterdam Notebook


Paul said...

Ha! Well how is it pronounced then? Or did I miss it again?
Dood - my first thought was putting a "y" on it. Something that might sum up the death of most. Not me though.
A priest should remember one of the first lessons of priesthood, that he's symbolically putting "the body of Christ" in there and should be quiet about it, Chap. 2, pg. 27 of the handbook.
A good laugh for me this morning, thank you.

Ann Althouse said...

Paul: "Dood" is pronounced to sound very much like "dead."

Rick Lee said...

There's a really funny passage in one of the Bill Bryson books about listening to the Dutch speak. He said it sounds for all the world like they are speaking English, but nonsensical words. Did you ever have that experience?

Tijmen said...

The double O's in 'dood' are actually pronounced pretty much as one isolated O in English. (I never had the harrowing existential experience with the word 'dude' by the way.)