August 11, 2005

The Amsterdam Notebooks—Page 11.

It's Day 11 of this 35 day project. (The set thus far.) Today's page continues yesterday's language theme. On the first side of the page, I'm interested in the way English (or English-seeming) words are used on products. The second side of the page is a composite of signs and things seen in store windows -- and a part-full glass of beer inserted into a door handle, as if the handle were a cup-holder. Traveling alone, I was quite the day person. Venturing out in the morning, I always saw evidence of the partying that raged on during the night.

Amsterdam Notebook

Amsterdam Notebook


livefreeordie said...
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zazu said...

Ann - These drawing are great! I'm a huge comics/graphic novels fan, and I must say you have some talent! I'd love to see a law professor making "zines".

As far as your post on lamb fetus fur at Instapundit, do you NOT think that this is going a bit far? I'm sure the designer felt that not much more elaboration was needed to defend this position. aAnd I don't really see the connection to the abortion debate, as humans have long drawn a huge distinction on how they view people and how they view animals.

Ann Althouse said...

Zazu: Thanks. I just did a new post to make a place to comment on that post and other Instapundit posts. But I don't understand your point. Why is it worse to kill an unborn animal for fur than a born animal? Isn't that the reverse of how we view killing human life? But put your answer on that other post.