August 10, 2005

The Amsterdam Notebooks—Page 10.

It's Day 10 of this 35 day project. (The set thus far.)

Amsterdam Notebook

Amsterdam Notebook

Amsterdam Notebook

Amsterdam Notebook

Amsterdam Notebook


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Und now, he's da governator.

Jeffrey Boulier said...

My immediate family are the only people I've met that appreciated "Last Action Hero". The movie was deftly and slyly funny, but I guess its touch was too light. Most thought it was a straight action flick instead of a comedy, and as such it was a failure.

Anonymous said...

"Alone, distant from your homeland, alienated..."

Things I still remember from my own time overseas. I hear it's called "culture shock."

John McCrarey said...

Yes, I can relate to those feelings of alienation... I've been living in Seoul for the past six months. I've taken to watching "dramas" on TV at night (which are really prime time soap operas). I don't have a clue about what's being said, but I find them fascinating nonetheless. What is surreal is that the background music in restaurants and on radios in these dramas is usually in English. The juxtaposition with the Korean dialog is always stunning.

When my wife and I visited Amsterdam several years ago we would retire to our room after a day of sampling everything that wonderful city has to offer and watch TV--in Dutch with English subtitles. One night we were watching a show that was in English with Dutch subtitles. After about 20 minutes of watching, my wife turned to me and said earnestly "you know, I think I'm beginning to understand Dutch". I still laugh when I think about it.