July 7, 2005

We're with you.


Goesh said...

It sure brings back the awful memories of our 9/11 - I had that same sinking feeling in my stomach when I first heard the news of London being hit.

Gerry said...

Dang, I can't post the picture (images not allowed in comments).

So I'll post a link: Fly it.

That's never been done before-- the only colors at Foggy Bottom until now have been our own.

Velobiff said...

We have taken worse blows, and God knows we can deliver them. Ask the residents of Dresden where their "historic" district is. Our wheels move slowly, but they grind exceedly fine. I'm not sure what the tipping point is, but I'm sure there is one and once it has been reached there will be hell to pay.

Dave said...

When do we go nuclear?

Ann Althouse said...

Velobiff: If only there was a city of Alqaedabad to attack. But there isn't, not just because we'd obliterate it, but because they never build anything, they only destroy.

dax said...
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Ann Althouse said...

Dax: I deleted that comment because it contained someone else's name and address. I have no idea whether that person wants his name and address posted on my website. It wasn't the content.

Ann Althouse said...

Dax: If that person is a friend of yours and wants his comment posted here, tell him he can do it himself. Your posting his email didn't feel right to me.

EddieP said...

Ann, you are so right and so many people don't seem to understand that there's no Alqaedabad to bomb. There's also no group to work out an overall political settlement with. There is no one to surrender to us. This is why this WoT is going to be a generational thing. People who think that appeasement will work are wrong, people who think overpowering military is the answer are equally wrong.

The war in Iraq is just a small piece of the action, too many people think that it's the big kahuna, they're wrong. Iraq only offers the possibility of being the end of the beginning as Sir Winston once noted.

dax said...

Ann - I failed to notice the signature line when I pasted it.
I checked with my friend and although he told me he didn't give a sh-t, I'm reposting it minus the signature line.Thanks for the catch.
Below is an email from a friend of mine.


How long must we sing this song?

America and its allies are attacked. We promise dramatic measures to repulse the enemy. And in the case of the Nazis or the Taliban, we do just that.

Then contentment sets in.

We stop listening to the warnings of the Churchills and instead focus on the speeches by rock stars and Hollywood actors.

When our world leaders get together, they focus on global warming and the cause of the moment, instead of fighting the war of our lifetime.

But while the rock stars preach, our enemies scheme.

While movie stars practice politics, suicide bombers plan how to kill the most innocent people with a single blast.

Our leaders may ignore anti-terrorism at G8 conferences these days, but that suddenly changes when the first reports of explosions come in. Then suddenly, that idiot Bush starts looking a bit better next to the likes of the Chiracs and Schroeders of the world. And Blair suddenly seems to have a more realistic grasp on global realities than, say, Bob Geldof.

I am sure many Americans would like to believe that this attack will awaken world leaders.

But I doubt it.

We live in a silly age.

The age of Hilton.

The age of Teddy.

The age of Chirac.

We are not a serious people.

Liberals concern themselves more with terrorists' rights than civilization's future. Reporters work overtime demeaning the very troops who protect our land. And rock stars replace grim Cassandras like Bush and Churchill as the prophets of pop culture.

The results are almost always disastrous.

Today in London they were deadly.

Kathleen B. said...

Liberals concern themselves more with terrorists' rights than civilization's future. Reporters work overtime demeaning the very troops who protect our land.

so our land and future do not contain decency, democracy, and freedom? who has won then?