July 25, 2005

Want to listen to Roberts' oral arguments before the Supreme Court?

Here they are!


Contributors said...

Putting the words "Oral" and "Roberts" next to each other?

Looks like a New York Times-ian attempt to create a subtle impression he's some sort of theocrat.

We're on to you Althouse. You're not dealing with amateurs here.

Gerry said...

A Roberts anecdote, passed on by Sean at My Election Analysis in the comments over at my place---

A client asked how it was that they could lose the case at the Supreme Court 9-0 as they did.

Roberts replied, "Because there are only nine Justices."

nathan said...

Does anyone know if there is anywhere to listen to his oral arguments in a format that works properly, as opposed to Real Audio?

Ann Althouse said...

Nathan: You can download MP3 files at the link I have!

nathan said...
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nathan said...

Thanks Ann. There are some cases with mp3 files and some with just Real Audio. I just didn't look at any with mp3s at first.