July 8, 2005


My iPod shuffle is filled with my carefully selected study music (which my readers helped me select). There's lots of ambient Brian Eno things, some nice Wes Montgomery, some early music. But there's one joker deliberately inserted in the deck: "Housequake," by Prince. Every time it comes up, it startles me, then makes me laugh.


Ron said...

Ann: just curious as an Enophile (sounds like I like wine, doesn't it?)
what Eno you have on there...any of his singing? (probably not as you mention the ambient thang)

Since he was U2's producer for a long time, I always wanted Brian to get Bono to cover his songs...Another Green World sung by Bono! That would rule!

Ann Althouse said...

The linked post answers your question.

XWL said...

Damn! Shut up already.
(I love me some Prince)

pastorshaun said...

Whenever I get into a conversation with someone about Prince, I always ask them if they remember Housequake where he had that high-pitched computerized counterpart. (Didn't he have a female pseudonym when he used it?) Nine out of ten people look at me with that Napolean Dynamite "Gosh, what a wierdo" expression on their face and say, "No!" as if the possession of trivia is nine tenths of the law. I guess I spent too much time in 80s dance clubs, but I am grateful that someone else has indeed heard it and is subjected to its constant ringing in their ears. Makes one feel less alone.