July 26, 2005

"Romney, like all Mormon politicians, usually tries to walk a thin line."

Gordon Smith analyzes Mitt Romney's presidential aspirations.


Bruce Hayden said...

I have lived around Mormons all my life, known quite a few, dated a couple, and then lived in SLC for a year. And I am not the least bit fearful of a Mormon president - he would be little different from a conservative Protestant or a Catholic president.

For the most part, they appear little different from conservative Christains, with the exception that there is more of a communitarian empathis, notably of one's neighbors and church members helping out before going to the state or national level. This is pushed from both sides, giving to your neighbors, but also in a reluctance to go to the state for help.

Are Mormons Christain? The RC Church doesn't think so, and neither do many Protestants, due to their acceptance of the Book of Mormon to supplement our New Testiment. But the Mormons do. Indeed, what is striking is that over the last decade or so, in their church name, the "Church of Jesus Christ" has gotten notably larger, as the remainder "of the Latter Day Saints" has been significantly reduced and deemphasized. In short, the Mormon Church is now emphasizing their ties to Christianity, and deemphasizing their differences.

If you are around the Mormon part of this country enough, you get so you can spot their churches from a distance. But if not, you might be almost deceived by this.

gs said...

This thread hasn't caught fire and neither will Romney's candidacy.

He may not run for a second term as governor of Massachusetts because his reelection would be in doubt. The 2008 Republican presidential candidate will most likely face a Hillary Clinton who was decisively reelected in 2006. The contrast wouldn't be overlooked.

I thought Romney would try for the next level if he succeeded as governor, and I wished him well. My impression is that his overall record as governor is competent but not outstanding. In particular, afaik he hasn't rebuilt the Massachusetts Republican party. Correct me if I'm wrong, but every member of the Congressional delegation remains a Democrat and both houses of the legislature have veto-proof Democratic majorities.

Mitt Romney's entrepreneurial and pro bono achievements are exceptional. He is a good governor of his state. He has my admiration and respect, but not my support for the Presidency.


I want to see Condi Rice perform as a governor before supporting her for the White House. Mitt Romney is a case in point.