July 21, 2005

Radio styles: in the studio and on the phone.

It's 9:30 a.m. here in Madison, but it looks like 9:30 p.m. Quite a thunderstorm! Despite waking myself up a 6 -- the first time I've been woken by the alarm in a long time -- I'm only just now getting around to opening up the newspaper and attending to the morning's blogging.

As the last post shows, I was doing radio from 7 to 8. I decided to drive down to the studio instead of doing the show over the phone. The studio is on campus, a 5 minute drive away and right next to my parking spot. It's much nicer to do these shows in the studio. It's good to be in the room with the host as I was this morning, chatting about the show during the news and weather breaks. But it's worth being in the studio even when the host is in a different studio, as was the case for the show that I did yesterday on Minnesota Public Radio from the WPR studio. The sound quality is better and the environment focuses your mind on the reality of being on the radio.

Doing radio over the phone... well, you can do it naked, just like blogging. Or in your pajamas, if you prefer. Who knows what you might say?


jvg1249 said...

The Naked Blogger?? Now that's a blog title that would arouse interest.

Ann Althouse said...

Maybe "Naked Politics" or "Naked Power." And the subtitle should assert that all the posts were written naked!

jvg1249 said...

Do you ascribe to truth in advertising?

And, "Naked Power" sounds too close to the phrase "Raw naked power" used in the news. Nevertheless, it might be considered a tantalizing blog name.

BTW, how's The Timid Housekeeper doing?

Ann Althouse said...

JVG: That's the point!