July 17, 2005

Nic, Frick, and bick... -ering.

Fans of ongoing dialogue between me and my ex-husband should keep an eye on the comments section of this post, which is actually a quite good post -- comparing the looks and manners of the women of Connecticut and the women of NYC. Nicole Kidman makes a cameo appearance. But I'm not sure if that part is a work of fiction or not. If Nicole were really swanning around the Frick Collection, wouldn't we have some Gawker Stalker items about it by now?


katiebakes said...

Don't they only publish Gawker Stalker approximately once per week? I bet it was Nicole -- she's always spotted around Manhattan.

I'm intruiged by the difference RLC writes about re: Connecticut and NY women. I don't really see CT women as wannabes, per se. Many of them originated in New York and moved out for the good of their family/sanity/what have you (although I have had some VERY interesting conversations with friends about whether the Greenwichy or New Yorky environment is more damaging to a person).

I think the reason they sometimes seem like wannabes is that the things they buy/do that are well suited for the city and its environs don't translate as well to the suburbs.

Anyway, I just moved to New York and I hope the adage is true -- all the walking will make me lose weight efortlessly!!

PS: Richard never answered your question, which I also had, about whether he found NY women to be yellowish or chic. Inquiring minds wish to know! What do I have to fear/look forward to?

Mom Underground said...

I've noticed that in the comment sections where there's a little back-and-forth between you and your ex, that someone else usually makes it sexual - "get a room you two" and the like. Poorly-relayed sarcasm, if that's what it is. It's irritating to read those types of interjections.

Ann Althouse said...

Anne: It's always the same person -- who's been told repeatedly that Richard is married with two young children.