July 6, 2005

My declining NYT habit.

I've just been catching up on the email and checking the blogs. I see Richard is doing some blogger meme that involves listing your five favorite things in six categories -- the five senses plus "kinetic sensation." I'm not one to take the trouble to try to come up with so many items. I mean -- what? -- for smell there's Play-Doh... but then what?

And then there's the creativity-crushing feeling of obligation to recognize loved ones: the smell of my wife, the taste of my wife, the sight of my wife, the sound of my wife, the touch of my wife, the kinetic sensation of my wife. Really, to make this meme any good, there ought to be a ban on mentioning family members.

Anyway, for sight, the one that springs immediately to my mind is: the sight of the New York Times on my front walk in the morning. [Make mental note to watch "My Dinner with Andre" again soon.]

For decades, I have begun each day at home picking up that blue bag, spreading the paper out on the dining table, and -- unless I'm rushing off to some oddly early commitment -- having my morning coffee while paging through the Times, reading whatever interests me (and doing the crossword). In the last year and a half, I've combined this habit with blogging. I've usually gotten the day's blogging going by commenting on two or three things in the NYT that have caught my eye.

But lately, I've gotten absorbed in reading things on my laptop, and the NYT has sat there longer and longer without my opening it. Today, I'm shocked to see that it's after 5 in the afternoon and I still haven't read more than a front-page headline. I'm not tired of it. I've been meaning to get to it all day. I'm just losing the habit.

The blogging habit -- which used to be merged with reading the paper Times -- has taken over the habit-space in my day.

UPDATE: Let me alert you to the existence in the comments section at the link of bickering between me and my ex-husband. It's rich, like good black soil.


Ron said...

smell? Bacon. Vanilla. New Cars. Roses. Lilacs.

sight? The Chrysler Building. That Ace draw in Poker.

touch? velour. silk.

Dave said...

I don't read the Times during the week any more.

I still subscribe to the weekend edition.

But the only thing of interest as of late has been Sunday Styles and the Real Estate section.

The rest of it is either crap or can be consumed quickly on line, for free, and no ink stains.

I've been contemplating ridding myself of the print subscription entirely.

But there's something so New York about waking up Sat. morning and having the paper resting against the door to the apartment.

Allah said...

Odds on Instapundit linking this post? currently 1-5.

Dan from Madison said...

Honestly, I'm glad you aren't "blogging the Times" as much. Your original pieces are much more interesting - and more challenging.

amba said...

I've got a Sunday only New York Times habit -- that big fat wad of paper, which I always think of by the title of some book of Beat poems, "Reality Sandwiches" -- but I find that my habitual anticipation of satisfying goodies is increasingly disappointed. The lettuce is limp. "What was I looking forward to so excited much?" The only part that doesn't disappoint is the biweekly acrostic.

Ann Althouse said...

Amba: I LOVE the acrostic.

Gerry said...

Checking the bickering, I see someone else made this comment:

"hmmm...I came for the "bickering" that Ann promised with RLC and what do I see here? Foreplay! Feh!"


CM said...

Famous -- they're assuming we know who you are.