July 9, 2005

"MTV's 10-Hour Apology."

The NYT reports:
Stung by criticism of its interrupted coverage of last week's Live 8 concerts, MTV Networks has announced plans to offer 10 consecutive hours of commercial-free performance coverage today. VH1 will broadcast highlights from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and MTV will show highlights from 3 to 8 p.m. "At MTV and VH1, we're in a constant and candid dialogue with our audience, and in the wake of the live events last Saturday, our viewers have resoundingly told us online they want to see full-set performances from their favorite artists," said Van Toffler, the president of MTV Networks Group, who called the concerts "one of the most important music events of our time."

I didn't read the on-line forums, but it's fun (and easy) to think of the colorful statements represented by the word "resoundingly."


TRC said...

Yes, an important event in the sense that they are destroying any hopes of solving the African problem.

Raising awareness is the last thing we need. Did America become an economic powerhouse because some European country held an all-day classical concert? It can't (or usually doesn't) happen without independence.

I think I'll put a post together about this issue soon, maybe after my Economics of Finance lecture today.

Contributors said...

Pink Floyd reunites for the first time in 20 years and they cut to a commercial in the middle of "Comfortably Numb."

Not only should they apologize for 10 hours, they should do it kneeling on marbles.

That's the first time I watched MTV since The Who broke up.

Ann Althouse said...

TRC: I have a feeling the MTV forums were complaining about not getting to hear the music.

miklos rosza said...

MTV has certainly done more than its part to make it impossible to tell what is the "show" and what is a commercial, that is, when does one end and the other begin.

And I've noticed before that they don't seem to like to play songs all the way through anymore. They get itchy to interrupt.

miklos rosza said...

very eerie, watching green day play on live8 in berlin, seeing their pseudo-punk -- which wimps out on the chorus, going pop in such a way they might as well be dino, desi & billy -- in front of HUGE 88 on the backdrop, which of course means HEIL HITLER! (8th letter of the alphabet) anyone whos done time or been around skinheads knows this, it's a very common tattoo, and to have this in f***ing BERLIN while singing a song about hating america... well, just very strange.

green day really suck, by the way. they're worse than the knack.

the singer just started playing a harmonica out of nowhere, i guess 'cause they cant think of anything else to play on the guitar. now hes saying "YOU have the power!" what a pathetic dickwad.

The Searcher said...

Honestly, what did people expect? MTV hasn't been *Music* Television for at least 5 years now, if not more than that!