July 26, 2005

The most beautiful skyscaper ever?

I say it is. The brilliant Santiago Calatrava has proposed a swirled point for Chicago -- to be the tallest building in America: the Fordham Spire. It's a residential building and, being very skinny, it will have full-floor units. Don't you want to live there? It would really be worth scraping together the $5 million it would take. How truly dramatic!

Donald Trump, who scaled back his own plan for a 150-story Chicago tower to a mere 90 stories after 9/11, is saying "Nobody in his right mind would build a building of that height in today's horrible world" and "I don't think this is a real project ... It's a total charade." Ha! Jealous!

Build it!


Paul said...

If you all will buy a floor for me, I promise to live there as an act of defiance to terroists everywhere for you. Trump, you've grown soft.

Joaquin said...

Donald has gone soft on this one and I'm surprised by his wimpy tone.
I will agree with him that this project looks like a charade as it doesn't have the "horsepower" (financing) behind it.
Also, I've live on a 25th floor and I can't imagine living higher.
Skinny building in Chicago (Windy City?)?????? No thanks!
Call your next case!

Sloanasaurus said...

It said in the article that the cost of the new building is $500 million (for a brand new building!!). Isn't the UN refurbishment project supposed to cost $1 billion? What a joke.

Ron said...

looks like a giant "screw you" to the terrorists! and the wind!

dick said...

Let's say you have a power outage of any kind for some reason and you live on the 115th floor. Would you really want to walk down 115 floors or up 115 floors?

Also would you really want to live in a giant f**k-u to the terrorists? they just might take you up on it.

I'm with Dax. Twenty-five is too high for me. I want something I can easily walk up and down to.

jallgor said...

Actually, the nickname Windy City by most accounts has nothing to do with weather but has its roots in the early inhabitants being dubbed "windbags" by people on the east coast. So, all the more reason to build it! And build it as skinny as the local building inspectors will allow.

twallace said...

A couple of things...The developer has been very clever to get Donald Trump to comment on his building. Generating free publicity for a project is a game Trump is great at and he played right into this developer's hands. Even if it is built and that's a big if I doubt it'll be 2000 feet. Again, releasing images of another 2000 foot skyscraper just gets more publicity. Trump's own project here was originally unveiled as being close to this height then it was scaled back.

And finally if there is a power outage the building will be equipped with an emergency generator which will power essential life safety systems - like elevators.

knox said...

"I don't think this is a real project," Mr. Trump said of the Fordham Spire. "It's a total charade."


knox said...

er, sorry... I didn't notice I was repeating what you'd already said.

michael a litscher said...

If you build it, they will come...and take pictures!

(Yup, those are my photos.)

Ann Althouse said...

Michael: Thanks. Here are my Milwaukee Art Museum pics.

michael a litscher said...

Your welcome! I have tons more, but my web host's storage space limits prevent me from adding them.

And thanks for yours.

P.S. My appologies for the bad weather during your visit.