July 8, 2005

A little Friday goat-blogging.

Wisconsin roadside market


From a roadside market in Wisconsin, near Spring Green.


lindsey said...

The goat is really cute but is there anyway to photoshop out what appears to be either goat genitalia or poo? The goat needs his goat privacy afterall and my eyes need shielding from farm animal genitals. I'm very sensitive.

Ann Althouse said...

Now that you've pointed it out, everyone's going to stare at that. Maybe the comments can be about what that is.

leeontheroad said...

I'm just noting you've given equal time to both the sheep and the goats rcently. :-)

Slac said...

Friday goat-blogging. Only on Althouse!

I vote that thing could be any number of things. The point is that the goat is naked. We need to put a cheesehead hat on it or something.

MarkT said...

'Goat Blogging - Just Kidding'. But don't leave it where the neighbors can see it if you have a cookout, or this may happen to you. The story sure got my goat.