July 8, 2005

Is Rehnquist announcing his retirement today?

The Washington Post writes:
Talk of a possible Rehnquist retirement has reached full boil...
Time to pour a hot, steaming cup of political madness.


Sloanasaurus said...

If Rehnquist retires, the Dems would be smart to get Stevens to retire at the same time (he being 85 and all). IN this way they can maximize their opportunities to get a pro-choice replacement (along with two other non-choice replacements). Otherwise, they run the risk of Stevens finking out in two years with his nomination standing alone.

Goesh said...

Well, at age 80 and with cancer it is not surprising. The resistance to it is just not there anymore. May he rest well and relax as much as he can when he steps down. Somehow this puts a human face to him as I think so many commoners regard him and other SC Justices as isolated beings, holed up in the Court and their chambers and being driven home and pulling the blinds and not venturing out except to occasionally speak to the Public. I wonder if he is fond of cats and keeps a few? I hope so, that they may give him comfort in his final days, as well as his family of course. And thus putting a human face to him, I regret the nasty satire I have posted about him. He was the Chief and served us to the best of his ability I am sure. I wonder if he knew my Uncle David in North Africa during WW2? Probably not.