July 23, 2005

Is Althouse planning to use her name in all future post titles?

And keep referring to herself in the third person? Has she gone not only liberal but stark raving mad?


shrinkette said...

Why does Althouse think she's doing this?

Ann Althouse said...

In the hope of attracting a real, true psychiatrist into the comments!

Ron said...

Will Althouse in the First Person answer Althouse in the Third Person, if one is feeling liberal and the other conservative?

Ron said...

Ann: Yow! When Posts Collide!

Ann Althouse said...

Maybe I'm, just trying to get one of my beloved commenters to say:

"Has she gone not only liberal but stark raving mad?" You mean it's two different things?

John Jenkins said...

Rickey Henderson would be so proud.

Dirty Harry said...

If my name was as cool as "Althouse," I'd always refer to myself in the third person. Or worse: A nickname. I'd call myself "The House of Alt."

"The House of Alt says..."

"The House of Alt's not feeling well today..."

"The House Of Alt's ready for bed..."

I'd be even more unbearable.

John said...

What you have to worry about is if Althouse stops talking to Althouse, moves out, and hooks up with someone else. I'm sure Althouse would want to get back with Althouse, but is Althouse really interested? Althouse is so much better off since she left Althouse.

BUT, you know, Althouse can be good at times, and Althouse's fondest memories were with Althouse, so I think they should get back together.

sure, they have different political views, but as long as Althouse can get along with Althouse's huge ego, and Althouse can deal with Althouse's realistic world-view, I think that Althouse and Althouse will do quite well.

Ron said...

Is your rap nickname Alt "InDa" House?

gs said...

Stark raving Madison, alas. (Um, why am I suspecting that that joke is not new? Ahem.)

This day had to come. Think of the horror movies where the local curse eventually overpowers the mind of a decent and sympathetic character.

Ann was marked and it's been a matter of when, not if. Because, you see:

The Althouse she wears the Birkenstocks of the hippies of the crunchiness.

Ann may moveon but she will not be forgotten.

The Mojician said...

Everyone else calls her Althouse; why shouldn't she?

Gerry said...

"I'd call myself "The House of Alt." "

Oh, BS. We know you better than that.

You'ld call yourself "The Dirty House of Alt."

Bruce Hayden said...

I, to some extent, disagree that everyone calls her Althouse. They do elsewhere, but on this blog, up until this last little bit, mostly we call her Ann. Or, at least I do.

But, whatever your name is right now, which do you prefer us using here: Alhouse? Ann? The Royal Mistress of this Blog?

jvg1249 said...

How do we know that you are the real Ann Althouse, and not just some poseur who has magically appeared? The real Ann Althouse could be lying unconscious in the stacks of her law library after exhausting herself trying to Shepardize a case the old fashioned way.

Can you identify yourself?

Ann Althouse said...

When speaking about myself in the third person -- a strange thing to do -- I always use my last name. The difference in distinctiveness between my first and last names is so great that the choice seems obvious to me. I guess in these posts I'm imagining someone else talking about me, so I guess that probably is my preference, now that you ask! It's more clear that you're talking about me -- and not some other Ann ... or the word "an" which is such a non-word!

I note that when I link to my friends, however, as I did today, I call them all by their first names. It never crossed my mind in doing today's posts to say Freese, Cohen, Camic, Madison, and ... well, Tonya declines to use her last name, so that might explain that.

Ann Althouse said...

JVG: It's much more likely that I would add a co-blogger to start a second persona, but it would just be me. I guess I should have done that today.

It would be my version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I just need a good name for my liberal alter ego. Maybe something like Andrew Newapartment.

Gerry said...


Couldn't it be possible that you are simply following the coventions your chosen profession follow? Opinions generally don't say "Ann's claim is..." or "Mr. Cocktoastenson sufferred...". They are even titled just with the last name. Lawrence.

jvg1249 said...

I thought we had agreed that The Naked Blogger, or a variation thereof, had caught your interest.
Seems either would fit nicely into a Jeckyll/Hyde personna.

As a fallback, there's always The Reformed Housekeeper.