July 2, 2005

In the ancient hills.

Today, I drove up to Natural Bridge State Park, up in the ancient, ancient Baraboo Hills:

Natural Bridge State Park

If you need a mental picture of Wisconsin. That is the picture.

I walked up to see the thing that made them make this a state park:

Natural Bridge State Park

Years ago, they excavated this area at the base of the bridge and found evidence that human beings found shelter here 12,000 years ago:

Natural Bridge State Park

People carved off a slice of mastodon to gnaw, right here, once, long ago.

Slide show.


hat said...

One thing I love about living in madison is I can drive 15 minutes and be in the middle of downtown, or I can drive 15 minutes in the other direction and be in (by comparison) the middle of farm country or a forest.

Of course, that's excluding this damned fourth of july traffic.

AnnsFuseBox said...

Wow! Look at all that ragweed!


amba said...

That first picture really is essence of Wisconsin (I'm from Chicago and we visited friends' summer places in Wisconsin quite a lot). And the detail of the photo is so fine . . . what kind of digital camera do you have??

Ann Althouse said...

Amba: Thanks. The camera is a Sony DSC-V1. IIf you click on a Flickr photo, you'll get to the Flickr page, where you can see -- in fine print -- what camera was used. You can also get to a larger version of the photo.

Noumenon said...

I think drethelin expresses why I don't think that's the perfect Wisconsin picture (I live near Baraboo). Wisconsin always has some road or farm or railroad track in the picture. It's not just green like a park.

james said...

Twelve thousand years ago somebody ate Mastodon meat there; in the 20th C a slew of morons with penknives did their own rock art.

Natural Bridge is still lovely.