July 22, 2005

If you collect a lot of money for a cause, do you have to spend it?

Even if you'll look like a fool spending it? Here's an LA Times piece about the advocacy groups that just couldn't resist immediately crying out against the Roberts nomination (and the Senate Democrats who at least have the sense to see that instant opposition will make them look bad).


Goesh said...

They'll have ample opportunity to spend it when the old Chief has to soon retire due to his failing health and Georgie goes hard, hard right for a replacement and bumps he-who-hunts-ducks-with-Master Dick Cheney into the Chief's chair - holy cow! talk about gnashing teeth, frothing and howling with rage....

Gerry said...


They aren't spending it. As a matter of fact, everything they are doing so far is either free or inexpensive. Most of it resembles what they do when they are trying to raise funds, not spend them.

I haven't seen a single anti-Roberts ad. They are letting the Republicans introduce him to the world, rather than trying to paint the blank canvas first. They have decided to fight another day.