July 6, 2005

"I got rid of them when I finally had some authority."

Chefs against green peppers:
Brian Bistrong of the Harrison doesn't like the way green pepper lingers. "If you eat one, you're going to taste it the rest of the meal," Mr. Bistrong said. "I got rid of them when I finally had some authority. Now that I'm the boss, I can not have them."

Dan Barber, who won't let green peppers into the kitchens of either Blue Hill Restaurant in Manhattan or Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, N.Y., called the problems with the vegetable "multitiered."

"First, I don't like the flavor," he said. "And I've learned more about them. They're an immature pepper. You're eating a vegetable before it's supposed to be picked."

Tasha Garcia, one of the chefs of Little Giant, recoils when she tastes anything that reminds her of it. "We had a staff tasting and with this one cabernet franc it was like, oh, green peppers," Miss Garcia said. She added that she was overwhelmed by the association. "I hated the wine, hated it, hated it," she said. "Now I'm not a big cabernet franc fan."


Tom Strong said...

I have to agree. They just aren't ripe.

henny said...

I love green peppers. I also love red, white, yellow and purple peppers. I love how each pepper has a different flavor. My favorite iron chef episode focused on peppers. This brilliant German chef who cooks somewhat in the French tradition made a steak of some sort with three pepper sauces - green, red and yellow, in order to highlight the subtle differences between the peppers. Brilliant!

But come to think of it, I haven't met a vegetable that I don't like, although I can think of several meats that horrify me!

henny said...

Oh, and I also love green tomatoes!

Justin said...

Aren't green bell peppers the only time a bell pepper is actually good for you? Doesn't it have most of its vitamins and nutrients at that moment in its maturity? It might be that way for all peppers, I am just not sure.

chuck_b said...

I'm pretty sure I hate the smell of carraway. Happily, it's obscure. I'd never have known if a former housemate hadn't cooked with it a couple times. At least I think she said it was carraway.

Some of these chefs seem like babies, but having strong feelings about food makes sense for a chef.

I can relate to the chef w/ a fear of shredded carrots because I'm strangely allergic to plain, raw carrots. Strange because I'm not allergic to baby carrots, or shredded carrots in a salad doused with oil and vinegar. But I get a serious ear/nose/throat itch going on if I have even one bite of a regular, old carrot. This started in my late teen years.

I know a person who's deathly allergic to mango. A bit of mango means a trip to the emergency room for her. Apparently, mango is related to poison oak. Or ivy if you're an easterner.