July 11, 2005

Did Depp base his Willie Wonka on Michael Jackson?

That's what everyone's saying, based on simply looking at the clips. Here's what he's saying:
Depp said his inspiration for the Wonka character was "part game show host, part children's show host... locked in a closet for about 10 or 15 years".

But he has denied rumours that he based his performance on Michael Jackson.

"It never entered my mind," he told Sydney's Herald Sun newspaper, saying the character was more similar to reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes.

Of course, he simply must deny it at this point.

Director Tim Burton has this:
"I always laugh about that because to me there is like a night and day difference," he told reporters in Australia recently.

"Michael Jackson likes children and Willy Wonka can't stand children.

"To me there is absolutely no connection as far as my mind goes."

Well, of course, you can't make a mainstream movie for the whole family where the lead character has a sexual interest in children. You have to scour that out of the story. So the inappropriate love is translated into hate -- an easy and obvious step.

UPDATE: Seeing the film, I concluded that Depp did not try to act like Jackson.


Ang said...

The reason why I'm having a hard time making the Willy Wonka/Michael Jackson link is because Willy Wonka, as a character, has a such a mordant wit. Michael Jackson always struck me as rather dull-minded and humorless.

David said...

Oh great, I never saw the connection, but now "me thinks they protesteth to much". and (sic) me all you want.

Contributors said...

My blogging buddy has her own thoughts -- at least for Wonka's hair:


JSU said...

The trailer instantly made me think 'Michael Jackson'.

Pretty off-putting, that.

Legally Intoxicated (Retired) said...

I never saw the connection, seeing as Wonka doesn't molest children. As, for the Oompa Loompas, I have no idea.

marcella said...

Anyone that thinks that Johnny would sink to the depths of Michael Jackson is just sad and deluded. Johnny is a brilliant actor and Michael is a sick freak. Oh, well, whatever sells papers, right?

Ann Althouse said...

Marcella: See my newer post, made after seeing the movie. I concluded Depp didn't base his character on Jackson.