July 4, 2005


I love the format and idea of the "communities" part of Truth Laid Bear. And I'm very happy to be included in the nice "Academy" community. But it just doesn't update often enough. What is labeled "fresh bloggy goodness" is a day old right now. Sorry to complain about a site that is so wonderful overall, but a big part of blogging is speed.


N.Z. Bear said...


You are exactly right --- speed is the thing, but the good news is, the results you see this morning are an anomaly, not the norm.

I had some database issues yesterday which forced me to shut off the scans for a bit; hence the staleness of posts. The scans are re-activated now and slowly catching up, should be back to normal freshness in a few hours.

FYI, normal operations targets the most frequently updated blogs to be scanned as often as twice an hour, with all the community/topic pages being updated at about the same interval. I'm always pushing to get as close to realtime as is feasible, but that's where it's at for the moment...


Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, N.Z. Sorry to have complained. The site is great and we all appreciate your work.

Ann Althouse said...

But I must say, I've written 11 posts since the one you list as my most recent.

N.Z. Bear said...

Patience, milady, patience!

The hamsters powering my server are peddling as fast as their little feet can scamper; give 'em a few hours and we should have all your wisdom up-to-date... ;-)


Ann Althouse said...

To blog is to lose touch with patience...

But, okay.

N.Z. Bear said...

To: A. Althouse
From: N.Z. Bear
Re: Communities

Ms. A:

I am pleased to inform you that your most sage writings are now displayed in all their proper form at the humble corner of the blogosphere known as The Truth Laid Bear.

My servers eagerly await the next few bytes of wit and wisdom to sally forth from your keyboard, so that they may gather them up forthwith and spread their sunshine across the darkened lands of Blogdom.

Yours in all humility,

N.Z. Bear

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks for the personal attention, Bear.

Donna B. said...

Speed, as in having a comment up about breaking news within moments of it breaking is not that important. If you're the one actually breaking that news, that's different.

So far, TruthLaidBear is not my radar as a place to go for breaking news. Bloggers still depend on TV and AP for that, though that may change someday.

Where blogs are powerful is commentary and that generally requires thought and time, unless a hearty "I agree or disagree" link is your primary goal.

Besides, if you think TruthLaidBear is slow... check out Technorati :-)

Ann Althouse said...

Donna B.: I believe in getting substantive responses to newstories up quickly.

But you're right about Technorati! They have always been slow getting things up and have missed thigs. Blogdex is bad too.

Donna B. said...

I admire your ability to get substantive responses up, no matter the timeframe, and it's probably one of the reasons I read here regularly. So, while it's essential for your style of blogging, I don't think it's essential to the whole of blogging.

Then again, probably the only thing that essential to the whole of blogging is an internet connection.

Nick said...

I have to admit I'm curious how blogs are determined to be "updated frequently". Is it a manual marking process (which would kinda suck for up and coming bloggers), or is it statistical and automatically updating? What is considered to be frequently updated? Am I not as prolific as I think?

I'm curious only because I often see older posts by other blogs show up in the fresh area of the Raging RINO communtiy of which I'm a member, while mine hardly ever seem to get there... even though I post 3 or 4 times a day.