July 18, 2005

"Be prepared for a nomination this week."

According to the WaPo, the Supreme Court nomination will come this week.


Akiva said...

And, after all, WaPo is in the know, so you can rely on them. Or maybe they heard it from the son of the secretary of the appointment manager of the cabinet member.

First hand as far as MSM goes.

Dirty Harry said...

Well, WaPo's been wrong about everythoing else so far.

Brendan said...

Two words: Justice Depp.

XWL said...

I heard on doublesecret background from a WaPo reporter that he/she heard it on superduperdoublesecret background that John 'Bluto' Blutarsky was the leading candidate to replace O'Connor (or maybe Otter).

Paul said...

Okay Ms. Althouse, respectfully, how about saying who you think it'll be? Thank you.

BJK said...

Isn't anyone else wondering if the professor has a guess list as to the SC nominee?

former law student de-lurking

My guess is that the President would nominate someone fitting this criteria:
- Federal Court of Appeals judge,
- Female,
- Fairly young (as to remain on the court for a long period....too young could signify a lack of experience),
- Confirmed during the Bush administration without much controversy (in an attempt to tie the hands of the opposition), and
- Conservative.

With all that in mind, am I wrong in thinking that Judge Sykes (7th Cir., formerly Wis. Supreme Ct.) will garner serious consideration for the opening?

Maybe I just don't read the right sources, but most of the Supreme Court news has been focused on the Chief Justice, rather than on O'Connor's potential successors. Someone else out there has to be trying to guess who the nominee will be.

Ann Althouse said...

I think BJK is right: it will probably be a female court of appeals judge in the right age range who has a reliably conservative track record, maybe someone who's not been prominently named yet.

Mark the Pundit said...

I would nominate Ann Althouse!

Unfortunately I am not the president. :-)

But, the question may now be: would you give up your blog to become a justice (or any judge, for that matter)?

downtownlad said...

A Federal Appeals Court judge would be more predictable. I suspect Edith Jones or Edith Clement.

Then again, maybe he'll try and get an Hispanic woman. Linda Chavez maybe?