July 31, 2005

"The asexual, unmaternal, left-leaning eyes of a poorly groomed woman."

Don't miss the hilarious Joe Queenan review of Edward Klein's book "The Truth About Hillary." I'll just list my favorite phrases:
"Waterworld'' stinks, but it does not reek

short-haired women from the sapphic charnel house Wellesley College

Geraldo Rivera's sublimely vile autobiography, ''Exposing Myself"

only about the 16th sleaziest book I have ever read

referred to by classmates as ''Sister Frigidaire"

the asexual, unmaternal, left-leaning eyes of a poorly groomed woman

manipulative pinkos who were playing for the other team

commie gangsters associated with mobbed-up trade unions


Mom Underground said...

I've been reading this book on-and-off all weekend, chapters here and there, and all out of sequence, for lack of anything better to do during two boring car rides. It's an incredibly easy read and is full of delicious, gossipy fluff - especially enjoyable if you don't really care for Mrs. Clinton and want nothing more than to read trash about her.

Eh Nonymous said...

Goodness. Well, I suppose we all need a hobby or an amusement at times. Fluff's better than reading Harry Potter, one must suppose; at least it doesn't promote Satanism - see, e.g. Harry Potter Wants Your Soul.

I thought the review was pretty funny, too.

"easy read" - unless one balks at lies, or needs some content or credibility. But then, who needs those?

Mom Underground said...

I suppose I could form my opinions solely from NY Times reviews without having actually READ the book. *cough cough*

Roost on the Moon said...

Far be it from me to discourage you from reading, Mom. But this argument from authority is something else.

The NYtimes is a big flawed newspaper. It is full of university-educated fluff-scoffers. It even puts over it's own kind of fluff. But if you can't distinguish NYT issue-framing from this, you need to take a fragrant vacation involving alternating whiffs of dung and lilacs.

I don't like her either, that Hilary. Ugh- just picture her, in a suit! Hilary the bad-wife, no-values, power-hungry, smart bitch. Somehow (Yaley Trickery) she manages to be victim, cause, and accomplice to all Bill Clinton's lascivious immorality. God, I hate her, for some reason.

But our shit-caked noses don't prove we have the best sense of smell, Mom. One can be forgiven, in this case, for taking the nytimes at its Hilarious word.