July 19, 2005

Anything happening?

Sorry, I've been away from my computer.

I guess I need to jump back in this. Bush is announcing the new nominee tonight. Apparently, her name is Edith. We're just not sure what her last name is...

I did a lunch talk today at the law school about the recent 10 Commandments cases. It was fun revisiting them knowing a new Justice will be coming on the Court and might possibly tip the Establishment Clause analysis one way or the other after so many years of mystic balancing within the mind of Sandra Day O'Connor. I'm picturing a vortex in the center of the Court that will always drag another one in no matter who is removed. Breyer has already offered his services as the mystic mind balancing the Multitudinous Factors of the Complex Context.

After the "lunch talk" at which I didn't eat, I talked, I went out to lunch and ate Insalata Caprese and chatted about any number of things, before coming home to find that the Supreme Court nomination is more up in the air than I'd thought.

Exciting times.

UPDATE: Of course, now everyone's saying it's Roberts. And his first name isn't Edith. It's John. Looks like a very solid pick.


Dirty Harry said...

Just crossing my fingers for a right wing extremist. Hope The Edith's qualify.

Joe said...

I like a caprese, but find far too many people eating it and nothing else.

I think caprese must mean "foreplay" in Italiano.