June 17, 2005

"You can't get more desperate than that."

From Stephen Holden's review of "The Perfect Man":
The wittiest character [is] Jean's co-worker Lenny Horton (Mike O'Malley), a weepy lug obsessed with the band Styx who falls head over heels for his vanilla yogurt dream girl the moment he lays on eyes on her. Even after he screeches "Lady" under her window, Jean is so desperate for a husband that she refuses to rule him out as a possibility. You can't get more desperate than that.

Surely we can think of a few things more desperate than that ... even in movies.

And by the way, how many movies have a guy singing outside a woman's window? You'd think they wouldn't be able to get away with using that anymore.

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Matt Brown said...

Singing outside a woman's window? Forget that! You need to get a big boom box (if they can be found anymore) and play "In Your Eyes," just like Lloyd Dobler.