June 20, 2005

Yeah, I hate Froot Loops too.

I love the first paragraph for this news story:
Saddam Hussein loves Doritos, hates Froot Loops, admires President Reagan, thinks Clinton was "OK" and considers both Presidents Bush "no good." He talks a lot, worries about germs and insists he is still president of Iraq.
Before he liked Cheetos, then he got some Doritos and forgot all about his Cheetos.

And here are the handsome soldiers who guarded Saddam and provided this useful info to GQ magazine. Saddam "was interested in their lives and even invited them back to Iraq when he returns to power."


Sloanasaurus said...

At least Goering was able to convince his guard to slip him some cyanide.

Of course I would argue that Saddam was worse than Goering. Far worse. In fact I would argue that Saddam is worse than Hitler. At least Hitler had the intention of success for his own people and the success of his nation (even if he was a monster to humanity).

Saddam cared for no one but himself.

Unfortunately leftists in this country continue to apologize for Saddam.

Larry in Gibbsville said...

I found this story a little disturbing, almost like someone is trying to make this guy "human."

vnjagvet said...

It reminds me of some of the stuff they used to write about Hitler and Stalin to show the banality of Evil. At least, though, the reasons for writing them were pointedly stated in the articles. While I haven't read the article, my impression is that it was not written in that style.

But it kinda has the same effect on me. Raisin Bran, indeed.

Ann Althouse said...

Larry: I thought about that before posting, but my decision to post this represents my conclusion that it shows he's only a man. He is a human being. He's done terrible wrongs, and he's been idolized, but those who idolized him would do well to see him as a man. See him as a man, and then judge him for what he's done. We don't need to pump him into some big monster. That's propaganda. I think it's helpful to show him on a human scale.

Kathleen B. said...

what "leftists continue to apologize for Saddam"? unless you are referring to people pointing out past US support of Saddam, including supplying him with his weapons, and those lovely photos of Rumsfeld and Cheney with him. That is just important information to understand the current situation, and failures in US policy. That is hardly "apologizing" for Saddam.

MD said...

What's frightening is that human beings can be monstrous.

When I rotated at the medical examiners office during my pathology residency the most hair raising thing would be the report that you would get with each 'case' before the autopsy was performed. You'd think to yourself: everyday people who shop at the Dominicks down the street did this to another human being. It boggled the mind. Something is just missing in some of these people; is there a gene for the soul?

*And on a different note, perhaps I should link the picture of the GQ worthy soldiers who guarded him on my site; it would be my patriotic duty, wouldn't it?

Seven Years of College Down the Drain said...

"...worries about germs..."


Larry in Gibbsville said...

I agree with you, Ann. I should have elaborated more, I just don't want him "humanized" to the point where he becomes a victim. We've all seen that in the past where someone who committed terrible crimes is converted from monster to sympathetic victim. While I haven't read the article, the stories I've read concerning this are appearing to take the first steps down that very path. And that is what disturbed me.

DirtCrashr said...

The only problem I see with the whole "human-scalization" of Saddam isthe relative absence of media coverage for the other "large-scale" Saddam activities: the "mass graves" containing all the "child-sized" and "female-figured" corpses with bullet-holes in their heads.
Their favorite weapon is the AK-47 from Russia, France supplied him with jets, and those wacky German test-equipment incubators for biological "Agricultural" experiments - we were hardly his only or exclusive "friends," really Chirac was a much bigger pal, and beneficiary.
Hey if he likes the Doritos, wait till he gets a load of them Twinkies!!

Steven said...

Kathleen --

What weapons?

As recorded by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, hardly a right-wing think tank, the United States sold Saddam Hussein a handful of unarmed helicopters. Those helicopters, in total value, constituted 0.47% of all Iraqi arms acquisitions from 1970-2004.

By comparison, the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites supplied 69.98% of Iraq's arms in that time period; France provided 12.43%; China provided 11.05%; Brazil provided 1.65%; Egypt provided 1.18%; and Denmark provided 0.52%.

The Soviets armed Hussein. France armed Hussein. China armed Hussein. The U.S. did not.

What the U.S. gave Saddam Hussein were agricultural export credits. This means that, when the U.S. government bought grain from American farmers as part of price support efforts, it then gave the grain to Saddam Hussein's government at reduced prices.

So, while France was supplying Saddam Hussein with anti-aircraft missles, the Chinese were selling him automatic rifles, and the Soviets were providing tanks and Scuds, we gave him . . . wheat.

Oh, and a photo with Rumsfeld.

lindsey said...

Next thing you know the health fascists will be outraged that we're feeding him foods containing trans-fatty acids. If he has a heart attack, they'll claim it's some Bushitler Zionist conspiracy to kill him with junk food.

Sloanasaurus said...

It is the same leftists who apologized for Stalin or Mao or Kim Il Sung. IN fact they decided to hang a large wall poster of Mao in the new Minneapolis Public Library. Perhaps someday Saddam will be there to represent the victims of the big bad United States.

These days many on the left they pretend to be "Palestinian supporters," and Ward Churchill types or even "human shields."

By the way, where were all the human shields during the Iraqi Election.....wait..I guess it was the U.S. and Iraqi military.

Sloanasaurus said...

Althouse said " but those who idolized him would do well to see him as a man. See him as a man, and then judge him for what he's done. We don't need to pump him into some big monster. That's propaganda. I think it's helpful to show him on a human scale..."

Maybe this is true, (I would replace fear with the word idolize.) However, one potential problem with this statement is that it assumes a Western point of view. It could be that in the Muslim world getting your head chopped off would be far more "humanizing" than any video of the man in prison.

Pancho said...

Cheetos, Doritos?

I'm sure that we, the taxpaying public, are going to get stuck for the cost of his Zocor©.

Ann Althouse said...

Sloanasaurus: I think being an ordinary prisoner drags a person down to size more than and execution. An execution can transform a mere man into a legend.

Sloanasaurus said...

Kathleen B. is right that we "supported" Saddam in the past especially in his war with Iran. I recall the media demonizing the Shia (of Iran) and making the Sunni's as being the more civilized ones. How slanted that has turned out to be.

We learned a valuable lesson in supporting one dictator against another. At least Americans stopped supporting Saddam (something the French haven't figured out yet).

Sloanasaurus said...

Althouse: I agree with your point, but only as long as the "humanizing" eventually leads to execution. There is no better justice for a mass murderer other than an indecent demise.

Wave Maker said...

As a contrast to how former tyrants were regarded before they were executed, I commend to you the treatment afforded Nicolae Caucescu (et ux) of Romania -- no interview, no press coverage, no pictures in their underwear, just brought outside and shot in their heavy wool coats, defiant to the last.

What's notable about Saddam's interview is the absence of any introspection of importance. Froot Loops and Doritos.

m.g. said...

Doesn't this make good old Saddam into a sort of Hogan's Heroes kind of fumbling, ridiculous Nazi character? Hard to take such a guy seriously and thus diminishes the awfulness of the bastard. It also plays into the hands of those who think the U.S. is much, much worse than Saddam ever was.

Kathleen B. said...

hmmm, so I ask about leftist supporting Saddam, and I get a Mao poster in Minneapolis, Ward Churchill, and "Palestinian supporters".

you are so right, I am totally convinced now. bad lefists, bad. no treats for you.

Sloanasaurus said...

Leftists may not "support" Saddam, but they are apologists for him and his atrocities in that they opposed any meaningful effort to depose Saddam and now gripe about his legal defense.

Isn't there a famous quote: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing..."

SteveR said...

Kathleen: Ramsey Clark, google his name and Saddam's

Richard said...

Saddam's advice to one of the soldiers about how to find a good wife was pretty funny.

Do you think he'll swing from a rope, gain weight (30 bullets wrth delivered by firing squad), or do you think they'll borrow the big head chopping sword used by the Saudi's?

Kathleen B. said...

thanks for the info on the weapons Steven - I will look into it (been really busy at work).

Sloan. - sorry that I think the most powerful country in the world, one that is sending our kids to die to spread democracy, should exercise some fucking morality. The treatment of Saddam should be a showcase for why our way is better, not a pathetic "well we are still better than him, and you are a traitor" show.

And in case you didn't get the memo, "leftists" opposed the war NOT because "we" were "apologizing" for Saddam but because the world is full of dictators, and evil men who kill and abuse their people, and we cannot invade every one of them, so let's get a better program that can actually do something about it, and because we didn't have enough troops and international support to do the job correctly. And we have been proven right. Sorry about that.

stephanie said...

There's this serious debate going on, and all I can think about is that those soldiers are hot- I wouldn't mind them guarding me ;-)

I know, too frivolous a mind :-)