June 24, 2005

The tobacco warehouses.

The graffiti'd walls of the tobacco warehouses in Madison:



Inside: beautiful loft apartments, in the final stages of preparation. Presumably, a sandblaster will blow away this graffiti. I'm told the courtyard between the two buildings will contain, in addition to lovely landscaped greenery, a bocce court.

UPDATE: Here's Nina's photograph of the interior of the building, and click to her main page and scroll (today) to see the whole set of shots.


pst314 said...

Sandblasters were unable to completely remove the graffiti from this architectural treasure:


The vandals even defaced the bas-relief panels.

Goesh said...

I sure don't want to be accused of having lascivious thoughts, but those lofts sound like a good place for a secret rendezvous. You did say they will have a bacchanal court. No wait, a bocce court. My mistake, sorry.

The Mojician said...

What about the medical marijuana warehouses?

bernice said...

I can empathize as I once had a tragic warehouse story, too, involving two of my brothers. Graffiti is better than blood, though.

Take care.