June 26, 2005

"There's something very refreshing about her cynical sexual frankness."

The Washingtonienne's novel/memoir is out. Here's the NYT review -- kind of a good review:
What is surprising about the Washingtonienne is what tolerable company she turns out to be. With much of the ubiquitous chick-lit genre still primly obsessed with the marriage plot, there's something very refreshing about her cynical sexual frankness, her shrugging irreverence toward the buffoons with whom she is intimate, her Scarlett O'Hara tenacity. Sure, she's unrepentantly, appallingly shallow -- callous toward the homeless (''so rude!''), uninterested in reading a newspaper (not even the Sunday Styles section of the newspaper you're holding) -- but there are hints that Cutler, at least, has matured enough to regard her alter ego with a wry knowingness. ''It was worse than Twilo closing,'' Jackie whines, referring to the New York nightclub, when she discovers that her parents are divorcing (the novel's one excuse for a subplot). ''I felt myself getting old, my youth and beauty fading,'' she sighs in Chapter 2. ''I was 25 years old.''

Okay, then. No reason to hate the sex-having, book-contract-snaring Washingtonienne, but no reason to read the book either, unless you're already a chick lit fan but you're tired of "the marriage plot." There's nothing much about politics in the book, apparently, other than that people in politics have illicit sex. Scarcely news.


Brendan said...

What kills me is that here we have yet another person attempting to cash in on aberrant, illegal(?), anti-social behavior. If you're a genuine victim, fine, but this bed-hopping skank hardly qualifies. And the "Runaway Bride's" payday ain't too far off either. The final straw was a hack like Wonkette endlessly pimping this gal's story. Enough already.

I've worked in DC for ten years and have seen it all. In 1995, a chunky Pepperdine undergrad attached a racy Polaroid to her internship application. The powers-that-be promptly hired her. One month later, we found her sleeping beneath the table in the conference room--no doubt recharging her batteries for another night of fake ID'ing her way through Georgetown. Far be it for me to tar all interns with the same critical brush, but "callow, lazy, uncurious, unreliable, networking little monsters," DOES come readily to mind.

Ann Althouse said...

Brendan: With stories like this, you too could cash in.

Brendan said...

Well, since I AM a victim of their serial incompetence, maybe you're right.

FYI, we fired the Pepperdine kid (surprise!), but she found a job one week later in Rep. Bono's office. Sigh.

Charles said...

Her blog was only mildly interesting, more like some kind of bragging. Wonkette is equally boring, if not more so. I never could figure out why the husband stayed home while Wonkette and friends went out, slept with guys and returned home to tell him about it. But I guess that is just some kind of more modern male than I am. Heck, I can remember "The Washington Fringe Benefit," so it's not like that behavior hasn't been going on for at least 30 years.