June 29, 2005

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Quite by accident, today's posts seem thematically linked. Something about expressing masculinity.

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Bruce Hayden said...

Well, why not.

The reality is that masculinity is being rapidly redefined, as, to some extent, is feminity. It is not pleasant for many of those involved.

Part of this, I will suggest, is that change takes time, and society is evolving faster than we can. To some extent, we are locked into the past because we all have some tendancy to pick mates like the parent of the same sex did.

So, I have a (sometimes) girlfriend who grew up with ultra masculine, very big, men. Her older brother used to lift with Arnold before he died. About that big. Both her former husbands were in the 6'3 240 lbs range. And that is her definition of masculinity.

Yet, a lot of that comes from the past, when physical size counted a lot as for ability to provide. Today, it doesn't. She is as big as one of the surgeons after her - who makes probably $10 million a year.

The reality is that the true alpha men of today are geeks - simply because they are the ones who have the brains, and brains are where the money is. I am always somewhat amazed that these millions of supposedly smart women allowed the richest man in the world to stay single until about 40. Yes, he looks nerdy. Still can't dress. So what? He is quite smart, and very, very, powerful.

Change takes time. If that girlfriend ever has a granddaughter by her son, she is going to be attracted by much more intelligent, nerdy, men than is her grandmother. Why? Her son has a MS, teaches, and is starting on his PhD. Sure, he is filling out, but his real power comes from his intellect, and not his size.