June 5, 2005

The rose Marilyn Monroe painted for President Kennedy.

Sold for $78,ooo.

It's rather nicely done actually. Her personal phone book brought a higher price, though.

UPDATE: Here's more on the personal items that were sold, including bras, stockings, and garter belts.
“The crowd was cheering. There was one woman who told us her budget was $500. Finally she bid $950 on pantyhose. When she got it she not only screamed, she cried — and the crowd was cheering.”

That sounds a little ugly. Vulturish.


lindsey said...

I'm surprised as well. It's pretty good. It's a shame she never pursued developing her drawing and painting skills.

Adam said...

Yes, but what about the jacket she wore the day she married DiMaggio?

lindsey said...

My god. If I ever become famous, I'm putting in my will that all undergarments be burned. I'd specifically forbid their sale.

lindsey said...

"The phonebook was bought by goldenpalace.com, an on-line gaming firm that acquired a car that belonged to the new Pope and is using it in an advertising campaign."

Goldenpalace.com is everywhere! THey also bought the Virgin Mary cheese sandwich!