June 18, 2005

"Replacing one right-winger for a right-winger."

Senator Kennedy spouts opinions about replacing Chief Justice Rehnquist. If President Bush were to attempt to elevate either Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas to the position, it "would be completely troublesome," and Thomas -- only Thomas -- would surely be defeated.
Intriguingly, Kennedy said that of the three oft-mentioned, younger appeals court judges who are candidates for the chief justice slot - J. Michael Luttig, John Roberts or Michael McConnell - one would be acceptable. "I'm not going to get into which one" because that would be "the kiss of death" for that person, he said.


Chai said...

Viewing from afar (Australia), it is sad to see how far to the right the USA is leaning. If you stand far enough to the right, everyone can be considered left-wing, which is unfortunate, as the moderates, are labelled "left" when they are not.

And even more sad, the leaning to the right is happening here too, in Australia, though not as severe.

The Legal Janitor said...


I don't know what pot you're smoking but clearly you have no idea what 'left' and 'right' means.

In terms of social conservatism, its more like an increasing, radical divergence between different cultural groups, rather than a right-ward shift across the board.

In terms of economic policies, what is right or left? There is no right or left. There is only smart or stupid. And stupid means 'left'. Taxes? Tariffs? Subsidies? Unions? Minimum wage? Sorry, all dumb ideas.

From the perspective on someone who's STUDYING in Australia, but born and bred in Singapore, I can safely tell you that much of Australia is definitely left and loony.

L. Ron Halfelven said...

If you will expand your view from afar to take in a full 360 degrees, you will notice that the USA is only one of many countries that are not exactly like Australia. Which will probably just make you sadder.

Menlo Bob said...

Wasn't Mary Jo Kopechne riding in the 'right wing' of Senator Kennedy's car?

Troy said...

And Teddy drinks with his right hand.

OK who am I kdding -- he's a 2-fister.