June 11, 2005

Photo advice.

Rick Lee has a lot of photo advice.

With a digital camera, one really should take a lot of shots of the same thing, trying different angles. When Chris and I were at Harvest last week, we shot over 300 pictures of each other during the meal, just trying to get good shots and thinking up new angles, composing different backgrounds. You can see the ones I saved in this Flickr photoset.

When we were out at Crave with the other day, I took a hundred shots of Nina -- trying to get a good portrait, but also looking for new compositions, like this one making the Cosmopolitans monumental.

Another portrait with a monumental drink -- and distortion from the glass that I love but that Chris might object to (don't, please, Chris!):

Dinner at Harvest

Hey, give me that.

Dinner at Harvest


tommy said...

I take a lot of pictures compared to the ones I post, probably close to a 50 to 1 ratio (one could then suggest that there should be better pictures...)

I don't claim to be any good as a photographer but one can achieve a certain degree of success through brute force and ignorance.

Meade said...

delightfully done!

Macon said...

wonderful! please keep taking (and posting) the pics!

Pancho said...

While visiting an ex Vietnam combat photographer friend of mine, Steve Northup, who now teaches photography in Santa fe I was given the same advice as you offer. The secret to taking good images is to take a lot of them. Then show only the good ones! This has become a much more valid proposition with digital cameras.