June 9, 2005

"The peduncle has not grown beyond yesterday's measurement of 14 inches"!

Get ready, people!

At the UW Greenhouse

And click on the live-streaming at the link. People are visiting the corpse flower, and you can watch them and hear them talk. At some point the thing is going to stink like mad, and you'll be able tell from the reaction of the visitors. Then it's time to scamper over there and get a whiff of it yourself.

What does it smell like? Read the sign (click the image and then on "all sizes" to get the full enlargement):

At the UW Greenhouse


leeontheroad said...

There's no way I'd scamper over to smell this. . . I'll take their word for it.

Pancho said...

Is it just me, or is that plant rather scary?

Too bad we don't have Smell-o-vision© for the Internet.

Rick Lee said...

I had this stream on for an hour or so in the office yesterday... I would occasionally look over and watch people if I heard something interesting going on. Geez, the way people act in public these days. Some guy kept touching the plant and I wanted to smack him. Some other guy in a Penn State shirt kept touching himself in a way that made me very embarrassed for him.

Rick Lee said...

OK... I just visited the site again and the thing is open and stinking. Little kids running around holding their noses. I was fortunate to tune in at a time when a botanist was giving a little talk about it.

BeckyJ said...

Gick. They had one in Huntington Library in Pasadena a few years ago.