June 2, 2005

It's Chris's birthday!

He's 22. Let me take a picture of you:

Dinner at Harvest

We go out for a nice little dinner at Harvest. Take a picture of me:

Dinner at Harvest

Now, I'm back home and he's out celebrating with friends.

But here's a birthday toast to you:

Dinner at Harvest

Happy birthday!

Dinner at Harvest

NOTE: I swapped the fourth picture for a different one.


David Manus said...

I must say Ms. Althouse is the most attractive law professor I know.

k.s-c said...

Happy Birthday to Chris!

Wow, this has been a great week for wining & dining. First Crave, then Harvest... where to next?

Murky Thoughts said...

I don't like that conservative expression on your face: I'm sure you're thinking something self-serving and misguided about the establishment clause.

Ann Althouse said...

k.s-c: And I didn't even blog about Tuesday at Delmonico's!

Doc: Thanks.

Murky: I see you brought your party spirit.

TWM said...

I concur Doc, but Glenn Reynolds has pie.

Ron said...

Ann: I like the new pic slightly better than the old one, even though it does have a "mug shot" kinda look...but you HAVE to use the wine glass pic! It invites the reader in! It says, "have some wine and we'll chat."

Very fetching!

Judith said...

He has your chin.