June 23, 2005

I love Flickr... and Creative Commons.

Just got an email alerting me to this.

ADDED: And I love Blogger too! Despite my problems from time to time in the past, I'm really impressed by Blogger. It's been behaving really well lately. No hang-ups or lost posts in a long time. When you consider how many blogs Blogger handles, it's amazing! I've complained when things have gone badly, and it's easy not to notice when things go well. I just wanted to say, I've noticed.


Nick said...

I'm really liking Flickr too... especially since I use Blogger, have Gmail, and use Picasa.

This How-to is great if you Picasa too. It shows you how to effortlessly upload to Flickr using Picasa. This had been the one reason I was sticking with Hello for so long... now there's no turning back for me.

Stephen said...

Having people use your photos is kind of cool. I received an e-mail like that recently too (and blogged about it). My cat, cable box, and TiVO have become the symbol of a PVR blog. How cool is that?

Kev said...

I'm happy with Blogger too, and I've been on board for over two years now. Every once in a while, a post will take its sweet time to publish (and there was one scary moment where I thought my whole blog had gone away), but all in all, no complaints.