June 28, 2005

Early morning radio.

I'll be on Wisconsin Public Radio (the "Ideas Network") at 8, talking about the "legacy of Chief Justice Rehnquist" -- as they put it (even though the man hasn't announced his retirement).

UPDATE: Show over. Did any readers listen? Any comments?


Mark Daniels said...

That raises a concern I've had ever since the Chief Justice's announcement last fall of his cancer.

I have been thoroughly creeped out by the ways in which pols and pundits alike have assumed the imminence of Rehnquist's resignation. Often, it's been accompanied by discussions of his health, painting his death as imminent. It's seemed altogether too much like the behavior of prospective heirs of a wealthy frail person in some Grade B movie. In fact, a good bit of the judicial filibuster folderol was a kind of "death watch." All these discussions disregard Rehnquist's humanity completely; which is ironic in light of the fact that at least half of those engaged in the death watch describe themselves as pro-life.

This creepiness has extended of late to other people. The other day, I went to an otherwise fine group blog written by those of a Christian perspective. There, I found a mid-year review of one blogger's January 1 predictions. I had missed the original posted projections. But among its predictions, apparently, was a list of people he thought would die in 2005, a list running to something like fifteen names.

The blogger seemed almost disappointed that only one of those he thought would die had actually expired--Pope John Paul II--and pointed out that another entrant, Billy Graham, was actually preaching in New York City last week.

Mind you, the blogger wasn't rooting for these persons' deaths. He was just predicting them. But, it seemed crass beyond words and I told the guy so.

Similarly, the entire approach to coverage and discussion of Rehnquist's illness and possible resignation has lacked class, compassion, or any consideration of this Chief Justice also being a person. Or so it has seemed to me.

Am I overreacting?

Mark Daniels said...

Arrrgggghhhh! More bad grammar on my part:

"coverage and discussion of Rehnquist's illness and possible resignation has lacked class" should read "have lacked class." Sorry!

Lance Burri said...

Aw, man, I didn't know you were going to be on. You know, I'm not usually reading blogs at 5:15 in the morning.

Ann Althouse said...

Lance: You can listen to it at the link.