June 28, 2005

Do you ever get nostalgic for the early days of your blog?

Remember how it felt back then? So obscure... and illicit!


Ron said...
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Ron said...

Would that be "Blogstalgia?" Sounds like a country in Rocky & Bullwinkle!

Eric said...

Some of us are still pretty obscure.


Nick said...

Back then... I still feel that way :P

the Rising Jurist said...

I feel nostalgic for the days before blog was even a word, back when everyone had a "journal" and always included what song they were listening to when they posted.

I found it funny last year when so many of us were interviewed about our blogs. When the Wisconsin State Journal approached me, I asked why they were doing the story. And the reporter informed me that "blog" had been dubbed the word of the year. Funny when you consider how old the word is to bloggers.

And it's even funnier when you consider that the idea has been around so long. I've been doing it since 1996.

Now that time I am nostalgic for.

gs said...

Ann, if you have the time, you might consider a second blog under a pseudonym.

A second blog because I enjoy reading the present one. However, perceiving that it's freely given is a big part of the enjoyment.

Henway Twingo said...

I know blogging on blogging can be boring, but please explain more. I'm interested in what's happening down the road, though I'm still trying just to write regularly and be read occasionally.

I've enjoyed Althouse because of the mix of personal, pop cultural, local, political, and universal. It still reads informally and intimately. Does it not feel that way anymore? Has it become formulaic in your eyes or burdensome?

Some bloggers, even popular ones have quit after a year or two or five. Do you think there's a natural blogging lifespan?

Ann Althouse said...

Henway: don't worry, I'm not bored. I love blogging and love having high traffic. In fact, you'd be surprised how often I check it. I was just remembering how it felt early on, which was a different feeling.

I do feel some obligation with respect to certain new Supreme Court cases, and this past week it was hard getting them read especially because I'm teaching 2 hours a day.

But mostly I just write whatever I want, whatever interests me. Like, I didn't bother to write about Bush's speech last night.

Kev said...

When I look back at my very first post (April '03), it looks so pedestrian, so generic. No links, no post titles, nothing on the sidebar. But it's cool to go back every once in a while and see how the thing has grown.