June 24, 2005

Did you hear the one about the lower-tier law school appointments committee that rejected a candidate out of hand for clerking for Justice Thomas?

Gordon Smith writes about the politics (and religion) of law school hiring.


nk said...

(Sigh) Professor:

Is there any other profession that gives you as much freedom and as many choices as that of a lawyer? If push comes to shove, just hang up your shingle. No lawyer needs an employer. Don't complain about the temperature of the sea you chose to swim in.

nk said...


Your site is loading very slowly and without precluding the possibility that the fault is in my server I respectfully suggest that you have stretched Blogger's limits.

P.P.S. I do not think that the fault is in my server because other big graphic-laden sites are loading much faster and completely.

Kathleen B. said...

wow, that is very disturbing and frankly repugnant. Though not surprising in some ways. Nor limited to law school faculty hiring. A woman in my friend's grad department was visibly pregnant during her interview cycle. She received offers from every school where she had a phone interview and no offers from schools where she had face to face interviews.