June 1, 2005

"The boys seem to have a headstart on this 'blog' thing."

Take a look at The Cotillion, a gathering place for conservative women bloggers.


Dave said...

Cotillion? Debutante?

"I do declare"?!

An immediate turn-off. They can watch Gone With the Wind and lynch blacks on their own time.

Ann Althouse said...

Not really seeing the association there, Dave.

Agent Bedhead said...

Any association would be called literary irony. Some people just don't get it.

Beth said...

It's most definitely tongue-in-cheek, Dave. "I do declare" is pretty much the polar opposite of my usual manner of speaking/writing.

If that were meant to be taken LITERALLY, I wouldn't read it either.
Just sayin'.

Thanks for the link, Ann!

Mistress Lila said...

Oh, Dave, how deliciously enlightened and progressive, so much so that I may actually succumb to the vapors. I so appreciate your compassionate, inclusive, and non-biased attitude. It's quite refreshing and renews my hope in an intelligent dialogue between both disparate and desperate minds.

And Ann, thanks for the link. I'm just a tiny cog in this thing, but I wanted to voice my appreciation as well.