June 18, 2005

The blogger's favorite phobia.

Fear of editors.

I love to write, but I feel an unspeakable dread when faced with editing. Like right now. Just forming a mental picture of a FedEx envelope makes me feel bad. I'm sure some people dread publishing without having anyone check their work first. These people are not bloggers.


Iron Teakettle said...

You're lucky. I cannot write without re-writing. Ideally, I need three days from the first draft to the final draft. Blogging is very difficult for me. I hope that I am not too old to learn new ways.

Ann Althouse said...

Iron: I rewrite and edit my own work. My phobia is for editors, not editing.

Joan said...

I have only worked with editors sporadically, and have had experiences both good and bad. The best editor I worked with enabled me to produce something far superior to what I had started out with. The worst editor was a pain in the ass, and consistently tried to change my points. That was horrible.

I share your phobia, but I'll limit it to bad editors. I like to think I'm pretty good editor on my own, but I'm dreadfully inconsistent.

Be said...

Translation's a whole different field, as I'm not being judged. I'm only rendering someone else's writing (be it good or bad) into something someone who doesn't speak that language can understand.

Writing's something completely different, and I've found that I both dread others' judging my work and my own rereads, if that makes any sense.