May 20, 2005

You call that "fun"?

Steven Taylor tries his hand at a so-called "fun meme," originally suggested by Stephen Bainbridge: "10 Things I Wouldn’t Do Again If I Could Go Back in Time." In other words, things I wish I'd never done -- because I don't think we're supposed to take account of time travel perplexities. Who knows? If Taylor hadn't bought that Dodge Caravan, maybe all sorts of terrible things would have happened -- things more terrible than having a Dodge Caravan.

But I'm not doing this meme, because if I start listing things I regret, it will just get ugly. I'm not going to put all the things I'm ashamed of in one spot, for easy reference.

I had been thinking -- a propos of my earlier list of things I've never done -- of listing things I happen to have done once. This list might include things I did and regretted doing or hated doing or just things I happened only to do once, like riding a motorcycle. So let's see if I can come up with 10 Things I've Only Done Once:

1. Ridden a motorcycle.

2. Not kept cash that I found lying abandoned on the ground.

3. Broken a bone.

4. Ridden on the tailgate of a station wagon with my legs dangling over the edge.

5. Attempted to make myself vomit after overeating. (Couldn't do it.)

6. Talked about dieting with a Supreme Court Justice.

7. Set a man's hair on fire. (An accident! It flared up and burned out without him noticing.)

8. Not acted entirely submissive in an encounter with the police. (I was 18.)

9. Gotten robbed.

10. Gotten married.


Ron said...

hmmm..."Gotten Robbed" and "Gotten Married" seem awfully close together...were they so close in your thoughts when you wrote this, Ann?

Ann Althouse said...

There are innumerable questions raised by this list. You, Ron, have discovered one of them.

gs said...

Here's another question: why only once?

Contrary to Ron's experience, my marriage was not the same as getting robbed. (In fact, if we'd behaved as well during the marriage as we did during the break-up, we'd still be together.) Nevertheless, to date I haven't remarried after my long-ago divorce.

SteveR said...

Ah yes, does #5 go with #6 and does #7 go with #8?

Ann Althouse said...

Steve: Maybe each set of two is a pair!

SteveR said...

I can see #3 and #4 together but #1 and #2(?)

leeontheroad said...

I want to know about the fire-setting incident. here, have a seat on the couch, says Freud.

Ron said...

My marriage was less like getting robbed and more like Stalingrad!

Ann: You doth vex us all with your permutated conundrum of a list...

I like it!

lindsey said...

"5. Attempted to make myself vomit after overeating. (Couldn't do it.)"

I've tried this as well (and failed as well). I wonder how many women have tried and failed. I bet it's probably a large number.

purple_kangaroo said...

My husband wasn't trying to do a meme, but he did Ten Things I Have Done, and Hope Never to do Again when I asked him to post any 10 things about himself after I did the Things I've Never Done meme. :)

Now, Ann--have you been tagged for the eye meme yet? Let's see you do that one.

purple_kangaroo said...

I once attempted to make myself vomit when I got a horrible stomachache from eating a particular food. I couldn't do it either. Of course, I didn't try very hard. My distaste for vomiting probably overrode my physical discomfort.

Pedro said...

I am correct in guessing you talked to one of the female justices? I hope I'm wrong. Also, I'm with you on the Bainbridge meme. Writing that post seems like blogging as purgatory. Here is my big shamefil list of regrets! Ugh, I've already worked them out and the ones I haven't... well, writing a blog post won't do much to help. And aren't you supposed to start a meme by answering the questions first yourself?

Ann Althouse said...

It was Scalia.