May 2, 2005

Thanks for the link.

Check out how the "Today's Blogs" column in Slate quotes me, but fails to link.

UPDATE: The Slate folks noticed this post and added a link and emailed me about it. I wrote back saying they also quoted Glenn Reynolds without linking and called the Swift Report a "conservative blog" when it's a satire, and they've responded with the appropriate link and correction.


Jacob said...

Also, right above you they link to "Conservative blog The Swift Report" as opposed to "The Swift Report, A Satire Site".

That should've been an easy catch, the front page has stories like:
Bush Blasts Homosexual Energy Agenda
New Poll: Americans Warming to Theocracy
Georgia University to Eliminate Geology Department

Ann Althouse said...

Amazing! You'd think a column purporting to convey expertise about blogs would be more on the stick!

A.J. Romens said...

Ha! I was quoted in that article as well (Phonograph) and they did link to me. The fact that this blog-compiler is actually linking to my site proves exactly how not-on-the-stick he is.

Ann Althouse said...

And Instapundit was also quoted but not linked. How can Slate be purporting to follow blogs and be doing it so incompetently?

Matt Barr said...

I'm with A.J. They linked to me last week on the Bainbridge-Young thing, and I thought, "slow day in the blogosphere?"

I did take a screenshot, though.

The Editors said...

Slate referred to "...the allegedly liberal news media..."

What next, "...the allegedly round Earth..."?

Some people will deny anything.

John Althouse Cohen said...

I'm glad they linked to you, Mom, but now they're not linking to the Swift Report (despite their correction noting that it's a satire site). And "left-leaning [Slate's favorite adjective--used twice in that article, for example] April Spreeman at Thought Mechanics" will have to email Slate now, because they don't link to her, despite devoting a whole paragraph to her blog.

Slate usually takes any chance it gets to fill its articles with links (which makes sense when you consider how much Slate depends for its substance on other people's content). On top of that, ANY article that's entirely about excerpting blogs HAS to be full of links. Slate has to get its act together!