May 3, 2005

Teachers, do you know what your students are blogging?

During class?? Here and here.


leeontheroad said...

"Oh, he's doing it again. Introducing a new topic with only three minutes left in lecture. I hate that!"

He's at least paying some attention. I've seen text messaging (it's in the thumbs). I "confiscate" phones etc. that make noise(s) during lecture, and perhaps that just sends it so "underground" they have to concentrate more on that task.

jennifer said...

Regrettably my students are probably playing solitaire. Ironically I would prefer they do something requiring their brain, such as writing. I asked, during class, one of my laptop bearing students to look up the name of the Democrat candidate in the 1920 election. You would have thought I'd asked him to discover a new planet.


Drethelin said...

I've actually chatted online during the one class we have internet access in, which is also the class with the most boring teacher. I won't name names, or subject, because you probably know her, as she also teaches at UW.

Although I also use the internet to send myself notes and information (My home computer is generally on 24/7), I'd say the chatting definetely helps to stave off ennui and angst.

Ann Althouse said...

Drethelin: I'm not shocked by this. I actually find it difficult to sit through any session where someone else is dominating the conversation. Even when the material is good, it's natural to rebel against the constraint. Being able to IM or blog relieves this. Back in the old days, we had to resort to doodling.

dax said...

Doodling in the old days????
Come on! I'm doodling right now while on a conference call with Milan!

JamesTr said...

I always just resorted to sleeping in class! Blogging or surfing would have been a great alternative.