May 5, 2005

Some Madison t-shirts.

Just some t-shirts that were hanging in the window at Sunshine Daydream today:




lindsey said...

The people in Madison must be really poorly dressed.

Ann Althouse said...

Yes, all we wear is tie-dyed hippie clothes!

Ron said...


Breaking out your Joplin threads for summer?

Ron said...


Who's that Hasidim standing next to Ringo?

How could I dance when I saw him standing there?

Pancho said...

Groovy, a paratrooper.

That would be Jimi Hendrix. A proud ex member of the 82 Airborne.

40 Days said...

So, is it always 1969 in Madison? I've never been there.

Josh Jasper said...

Hippy clothing always seems much more friendly than conservative buisness attire. Happy smiling clothing. Soft flowing stuff. Bright tie dyes.

Not that I don;t like a suit, but it's just not something that says "I'm having fun and I'm comfortable", dig?

Ron said...

Great Guns, even commentary on T-Shirts -- without slogans! -- has gotten politicized! Jimi Hendrix will foreven be known for his axe-wielding, not his paratrooper skills, and comparing t-shirts to suits? Apple. Orange.

Wither our great land?

CandyAcidReign said...

I really like the Jimmy Hendrix shirt.